Who We Are

I am me as you are she as we are we as....ummm WALRUS!

Who dare we be? Why we are me, Jax. A female living in central-ish California with her husband. I enjoy zombies, cartoons, legos, video games, and anything shiny. No I am not 12, physically at least. Mentally well... one of my favorite sayings is "Growing Old Is Mandatory, Growing Up is Optional".  I also enjoy cheesy teen comedies, bad horror movies, and HGTV on for white noise near 24/7. Well at least when Fixer Up isn't on. One can only take so much!

For some segments I will be joined by my husband AJ; a cuddly nerd with an interest in wrestling, cartoons, comics, and the weird. Him and I fit perfectly together so I apologize in advance for any random tangents we may go on. Sure to be entertaining none the less.

In addition, my brother Jay and good friends Ash or Dew stop by on rare occasions.

Jay is a musician who enjoys Doctor Who, the CW DC TV Universe, and traveling. More information on his musical endeavors maybe found at his official website JordanWaters.net.

Ash is my bright and bubbly friend who knows many important things, such as how to cook, sew, fix cars a little bit, and many other general knowledge life skills. She differs from me in that I may know a little about these things, however my main knowledge is going to be pop culture and miscellaneous trivia. She is a great friend to have and we are always pleased when she makes the long journey to the SMP studios.

Dew is awesome. She is my oldest friend going back to when we were 15ish years old and probably should not have trusted strangers on the internet.  Yes yes, we are internet friends from the days of yore. Besides being a talented writer (no I will not give you her pen name), Dew shares an interest in sci-fi, politics, bad boyband music, and other bits of pop culture goodness.

Rounding out the SMP crew are AJ's and my furry little ones who tend to roam around during recording and may be heard scratching at doors, although we try to keep that to a minimum, jangling their collars, and on the rare rare occasion attempting to contribute to the conversation by barking. If you hear a random reference to Emmy or Aryll, now you know who we're referring to.